Selling books to us

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is ‘do you buy books?’. Yes, we do.
With one or two exceptions.

Generally we buy all books, we’ll give you a fair price for books if you bring them down to Tyabb, we’ll come out to your car and give you a price for “the lot”. We don’t give you a price for individual books.

Books we don’t buy:

There are a few ‘groups’ of books that we don’t buy, simply because they don’t sell, or there’s no market for them. One such group are encyclopaedias. Unless they’re over 120 years old, then we may be interested. However they’re still not worth a lot. They are more so worth something as a decorative item or as an item of curiosity.
The second group we do not buy are Reader’s Digest books, they are essentially worthless, whenever they turn up in a box of books we turn them into shelf dividers. The third group is a more recent addition and that is older children’s books and annuals, as we just do not have any room left for them, included within this group are books like ‘The Wonder Book of…’ books.

‘Do you come out to our house / shed etc?’

Not unless you have over 300 books. When travelling to your home we need to factor in travel costs into the final price we give you.

Note: We continue to be somewhat overstocked and need to take this into account when purchasing books. If you can, put off contacting us about purchasing books until late 2019.


Aside from this website and email Book Browser does not have any computer presence.
It is a wholly analogue experience, as is fitting for a secondhand bookshop.
We do not have a computer-searchable catalogue, however if you can tell us the genre, subject or a certain identifying feature of the book you’re looking for we can direct you to where you’re most likely to find the book or subject you’re looking for.

Book Browser covers every subject, both fiction and non-fiction.
There is a mix of layouts and organisation in several areas, based on the subject matter.

The shelves are laid out how a person would think, with each group of subjects grouped with similar topics.


By author’s last name: Hardback fiction; large paperback fiction; small paperback fiction; government, war and military fiction; crime; horror; historical fiction; science fiction and fantasy.

Sections devoted to subjects but not ordered further: King Arthur; Robin Hood; British Royalty Fiction; Fiction set in Scotland, Wales & Ireland; Sea Stories; Westerns; Novelisations / Tie-In Books (TV shows & movies); Romance.


All non-fiction, aside from Biographies are ordered by subject only. Biographies are broken down to Australian biographies, TV & Movie Stars biographies, Writers and all Biographies, ordered by author / subject of the biography’s last name.

You can take a better look at what we have on our blog post concerning our 'catalogue' along with several images of our shelves.