John and Betty

One of the books that we get asked often is "John and Betty", sometimes called 'the school reader with the orange cover'. Published by the Education Department of Victoria it was one of the first school readers that primary school children in the 1950s encountered.

We very occasionally have the book for sale, although it's getting increasingly difficult to find. It's an extremely small thin book made for schoolchildren over 50 years ago and a lot of them have not weathered well.

If you’d like us to keep an eye out for one for you you can contact us, but it may be months or years before we find one.

This is everything from the first page:

John and Betty

The Earliest Reader for the Little Ones.

Illustrations by Marjorie Howden

Education Department of Victorian 1951

A. C. Brooks, Government Printer, Melbourne

When we had the book for sale we had it on our feature books page, looking through our photos we realised we had taken more photos than we originally featured, so we thought we'd present it all here.


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